Sunday, 22 January, 2012



The Femás 2011, Sevilla Early Music Festival, will feature an exhibition hall for early and baroque string instruments where both instruments and bows will be displayed.

The exhibition will be held from the 15th until the 18th of March, 2012 in the Espacio Santa Clara, in the historic center of Sevilla.

 The 2012 Femás exhibition theme will be the early and baroque plucked string and bowed string instruments. The festival program includes performances and masterclasses by the some of the finest players besides other events.

The Sevilla Early Music Festival is celebrated since 1983 and, nowadays, it is one of the cultural landmarks of the early music in the world. The FEMÁS is a must-visit festival for early music lovers and it will undoubtedly be attended by a high number of musicians.

For additional information about the exhibition EXPOFEMAS, the festival FEMÁS and tickets sale visit the festival web site: www.femas.es.

For more details on the exhibition Contact the organization in expofemas@hotmail.es